10 Ways to Make your Business Green

Since the beginning of 20th century, Earth temperature has grown significantly. This phenomenon is called Global Warming and it was caused mostly by us – humans. The ozone layer is damaged from fossil fuels, deforestation and many other human factors. This has a lot of consequences like rising sea levels, extreme meteorological phenomena, disappearing of certain species etc.

Knowing all that, many people are trying to make their business green, but the problem is that it can be really expensive. Big companies are investing huge amounts of money into their environmental sustainability programs, but that doesn’t mean small business owners can’t green up their own practices. There are many easy ways to make your office green and save a lot of money during and after that process.


1. Take care of printing

How often would you print an internet document and then realize that the last page has just a web address at the bottom? Usually, we just throw away that paper and we don’t realize how much paper we’re actually wasting. Make sure that this doesn’t happen anymore by checking all the pages and selecting which ones you want to print and which ones you don’t. Of course, as much as we are trying to save paper, sometimes we need it. Next time you’re buying paper, opt for eco-friendly chlorine-free paper. Try finding a paper made out of bamboo, hemp or organic cotton since those are way more sustainable.

2. Unnecessary printing

Instead of printing everything and by that again wasting so much paper and making a mess, try keeping as many things as you can in your computer. For example, try posting things like employee manuals online instead of printing them, or incorporate them into a slide show and mail them to everyone.


3. Do a locality check

Sometimes it’s not just about the interior, but also the exterior. Companies tend to have a lot of waste around the buildings, as well as acidic soils. Consider hiring a geotechnical engineering company like Douglas Partners for example, since their job is to carefully examine all the earth materials, find the way to improve the geological environment of your company and make it as eco-friendly as it can be.

Power savings

4. Keep the power down

If you aren’t using an appliance, instead of just turning it off, unplug it. Also, you can consider investing in programs which will automatically power down your computers at night.

5. Invest in solar power

It’s actually a really expensive investment, and sometimes not practical depending on the location, but this investment help you save money in the long run and it will pay off in no time.

6. Natural light

Instead of using the unnecessary artificial light (which consumes up to 40 percent of electricity), open the blinds and use the daylight whenever you can. Also, make sure that the lights are always turned off once everyone is gone.

7. Motion activated light switches

Instead of turning the lights on and off all the time, install motion activated switches which will turn the light on for a certain period of time when someone passes by or moves around that room.

8. Fluorescent light bulbs

Not only are they providing you with stronger light, they’re also using 75 percent less energy than the usual ones. Not to mention that they also last 10 times longer. Basically, you will save money on electricity costs, and reduce the waste. They come in all sizes, shapes and wattages.

Office equipment

9. Multi-purpose machines

It’s simple – fewer machines, fewer toxic substances they produce. There are many all-in-one devices that combine the functions of scanners, copy machines, fax machines and printers.

10. Portable air conditioners

Instead of central air conditioners, save money and power by using portable ones. Why cool or warm rooms that are empty, right? You will a lot of money and help the planet to boot.


This means to stuff your office with plants. Not only they are pleasant to the eye and make the entire space more comfortable, they also absorb the air pollutants and emit oxygen into the air.

Our planet is the only place we have to live in. It is our duty to make it the best it can be and everyone can do that by starting from themselves

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