4 Ways External IT Support Protects You from Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Maybe you’ve never heard of a ‘zero day vulnerability’ before. If so, you’re hardly alone, but the concept is very easy to understand. A zero day vulnerability is one that exists in software before it starts being used. Vendors don’t know about them, but malicious web users can stumble upon these vulnerabilities and begin to exploit them. Such vulnerabilities are a real menace because they impact security right from the word go.

Even the best software can suffer from zero day vulnerabilities, so you need to look to professional IT support to keep your business protected. Here are four ways they’ll do just that.

  1. Applying Patches

Once the vendor learns of the zero day vulnerability in their software, they will start to put it right. In order to rectify the problem, a patch will need to be released. Some larger companies release patches at regular intervals, but any critical vulnerability will generally be patched as soon as possible. Your IT support provider will monitor your system to make sure you have the latest patches installed.

  1. Updating Your Software

Updates are even more important than patches as they represent a more significant overhaul of the software in question. It can be tough to keep track of updates and see that they are carried out, especially when you have other work that demands your attention. An external IT support provider will keep you updated.

  1. Spotting Red Flags

Opting for 24/7 monitoring is an excellent way to protect against zero day vulnerabilities. If vulnerabilities aren’t known, they can’t be rectified. However, any issues with your network can be spotted by a professional who knows what to look for. If your network does fall foul of a zero day vulnerability, 24/7 monitoring will detect the problem swiftly before immediately starting to combat it.

  1. Keeping an Ear to the Ground

Staying up-to-date means finding out about zero day vulnerabilities as soon as possible, and dedicated IT professionals understand the value of staying current with industry news. Unfortunately, this is something most small and medium sized businesses don’t really have time for.

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