5 Facts You Should Know About Selling Your Website

When you are thinking about selling your website, you should know that it can take some time. Just like selling a home or a car, there has to be someone out there looking for what you have or you might be holding onto it for a while.

Whether you are selling your site because you no longer want to run your business or you are doing a spin off of your site on a new host, you need to understand the sales process. If you are selling your site simply because you don’t want to move to a new host, you might want to reconsider. Moving to a new host doesn’t have to turn into a disaster. If you have already made up your mind to sell, these 5 facts below will help you with the process.

Results VS Potential

If you go onto auction sites and read through some of the listings, you are going to see a lot of sites that have “potential”. They talk about how this site could help you make thousands of dollars if you use the right strategies. What are those “right” strategies, anyway? Just remember, if you don’t like reading about potential, no one else does either. It is important that you bring results to the table.

How much traffic does the site have? What are the conversion rates on the various pages for opt-ins or sales? These things are going to get the attention of potential buyers, not how much trouble it could get in the future or how many sales it could make if you were a marketing genius. The more solid results that you can show, the better your website is going to do when you go to sell it.

Appearance Is Important

Even if you have a site where you can show the results that it is getting, if your site is ugly, people are going to click away. The appearance of your site matters. People are sensitive to design and want to make sure that they provide a good user experience when they own the site.

Spending a little money getting the site spruced up can do a lot for your final sale price. You can see what the latest trends are and then move your site in that direction. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to add a few graphics to your site, change the structure and give it a face lift. If you can invest $500 and charge $1,000 more for the site, that is a good investment.

Make sure you know how much other websites like yours are going for on the market so you can determine how much money you can put into this facelift.

Avoid Hype

No one wants to read hype. Stay away from phrases like, “opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime.” People are smarter than that and using language like this can hurt your credibility. If your site has results then there is no reason to hype up the information. Instead spend your time gathering facts that will help with your case of why your website is worth x amount of dollars.

You Need a Rich Description

Instead of the hype that we were talking about above and the potential at the top, you need a rich description that people are able to read and get the whole picture about the site. They are probably wondering why you are selling the site since it is such a great deal so you need to answer this question in their mind.

You also need to keep in mind other things that your buyer might be interested in knowing about the site. Of course, you need to list your traffic, profitability as well as the revenue but there are other things you can put in the description to give the buyer more comfort when they are buying.

Tell a little bit about the seller along with the description of the site and how you have it monetized. Talk about how much time it will take per month to maintain the site and what marketing needs to be done. Make sure to tell them what is included in the sale and future opportunities it might have.

Giving a list of the competition and if you will provide post-sale support will also help with the sales process.

You Will Need to Prove Your Numbers

If you say that your site gets a certain amount of visitors or makes a certain amount of money, you need to be ready to prove that. If you are estimating or guesstimating, that isn’t going to work. You have to provide analytic proof of no one is going to purchase your website.

Some of the types of proof that you site is doing the numbers that you say it is doing are:

  • Share Your Screen & Do a Walk Through
  • Screenshots
  • Upload Analytics from Google
  • Income Screenshots & Emails

The more proof that you have the better because it puts people at ease and allows them to get ready to pull out their wallet.


Selling your site doesn’t have to be a hassle, but you do need to set aside time to respond to potential buyers when they have questions. If you take too long to answer, you may lose your potential buyer to someone that responds about their site faster.

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