5 Ways Unified Communications will transform your business

Unified communication is the perfect method of streamlining your business and enhancing communication methods between staff and employees, while also providing simpler communication channels that enhance customer focused strategy. Whether you’re a small business just starting out or you’re an established company looking to modernise your communication technology, this Guide To Unified Communications will provide you with five ways your business can be transformed by unified communication.

Improved communication within your workforce

Transforming your office communications processes within your workforce and ensuring all correspondence rests under one roof can be a great way of improving communication and process within your business. Unified communications doesn’t necessarily mean you need to ditch the programmes that have served you well over the years, but simply means streamlining to make things more efficient. This is done by developing a user interface that works for the bespoke requirements of your business, where calls, emails, texts etc can be received whenever, wherever, by any member of staff.

Increased revenues

Unified communications not only streamlines processes internally, but also allows your business to develop efficiencies in relation to your external processes too. The simplification of your customer experience, coupled with the unified positioning of your internal software, means you’re in a better position to optimise sales, provide better levels of customer service, and therefore increase the revenues your business experiences.

Reduces Costs

In addition to improving the overall efficiencies and sales strategies that your business will enjoy; unified communications allows you to reduce your overall operational costs within your company. When looking to purchase unified communication systems you should always shop around to find the best deal. Depending on what style of software you purchase will determine the amount of savings you make. However, many businesses find that economies of scale can be found in third party integration and mobility solutions.

Improved customer service

For the first time within your business, you may be able to develop a company-wide consistent customer service strategy. Unified communications makes the most of technologies like call queues that allow each one of your customers to be offered the same level of quality service across each call, rather than being ignored by a manual calling system. Furthermore, the unified communication allows your employees to find out more about the reason for the customer call or the type of incoming call. This will provide you with a pre-emptive insight to find a solution or drive a sale in a more efficient manner for your customer.

Adopt new technologies and modernise your business

Your business may be stuck in a bit of a rut and you might be wondering the best ways to modernise and adopt new technologies. While using the services of Gamma creative communications you’ll be dealing with experts in unified communications who can implement these new technologies into your business, train your staff to use the new technologies, as well as install them across numerous devices in a way that works for you. Once you’ve installed efficient unified communication strategies and technologies it’ll make life easier when updating things further down the line.