What Advantages Come with an IaaS Cloud Service?

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service – it’s a concept that sees businesses essentially renting IT infrastructure from a service provider rather than purchasing technology and hosting it themselves. When it comes to cloud computing, there are a whole host of reasons why IaaS is the way to go.

Reduced Expenses

Okay, this benefit is so obvious that it’s almost not worth mentioning; by renting cloud infrastructure instead of paying for the technology and hosting it yourself, your business is obviously going to be saving. However, most business owners considerably underestimate just how attractive those savings can be.


Let’s say you’re going through a sudden spike in business. An IaaS cloud model can handle such temporary changes since you can easily scale your needs up and down. This is a pay-as-you-go system, so such changes can be budgeted for quite easily. When you’re hosting your own cloud, you’ll need to buy more hardware and software and spend time setting it up as you grow – flexibility isn’t nearly as attractive. Additionally, the versatility afforded by an IaaS cloud lets you expand without being limited by a more static setup.

Low Maintenance

Maybe it sounds attractive to have your own cloud – the problem is that you’ll be responsible for maintaining that system. That means everything from keeping track of patches to upgrading licenses, and it takes its toll when you have other work that needs your attention. IaaS clouds are more hands-off, and they can be easily and effectively managed by an outside party.

Excellent Disaster Recovery

Nobody likes to consider what’s going to happen if things go wrong, but disaster recovery should always be on your mind when you’re setting up any kind of cloud network. If disaster does strike, you’ll find yourself better off with an IaaS system since they can be more centrally managed and provide speedy recovery without any loss of data.

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