Dmitry Mazepin’s policy to curtail coronavirus outbreak

URALCHEM’s founder and chairperson is reported to have been tested negative for COVID-19. Dmitry Mazepin is one of the first business people in Russia to have been tested and to apply prompt measures and regulations concerning work safety in the circumstances of the pandemic.

The leader of URALCHEM travels extensively and has to interact with large numbers of people during his business trips all over the world and back in Russia. For this reason, Dmitry Mazepin was voluntarily tested for coronavirus and, taking into account that the highly contagious disease can develop without any respiratory or other symptoms, for the sake of safety, he chose social distancing and isolation until the results of the test were ready. As a respectable citizen of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Mazepin still continues his self-isolation and fulfils his duties regarding the URALCHEM company management remotely. He feels well and is in good physical condition.

There have been rumours and inaccurate media references to the possibility that Dmitry Mazepin’s results were positive. This information has been proved wrong by the official reports from the Centre for Hygiene and Epidemiology in Moscow and supported by the data received from Vector State Research Centre in the Siberian Federal District. URALCHEM also denies the possibility that Dmitry Mazepin could have caught the virus from his family members, and Nikita Mazepin, the entrepreneur’s 20-year-old son, in particular. The famous Russian FIA Formula 2 champion and the student at the Faculty of Global Studies in Moscow State University and his father cannot have transmitted any infection to each other as they were out of touch during this time. Nikita is also keeping quarantine and practices distant learning at MSU.

URALCHEM’s PR Department on the situation:

“There can be no reason for this kind of false information to circulate in the media”, reports the company’s PR Department. URALCHEM denounces the hype which is being created around the coronavirus outbreak demanding not to spread the slander about their CEO Dmitry Mazepin and the whole company. On the contrary, the team istaking precautionary measures against COVID-19 by adopting an active policy to curb the outbreak: the staff are working remotely and are strongly recommended by their management to stay at home and minimize the hazard of getting infected themselves as well as putting others at risk.

PJSC Uralkali, the enterprise where Dmitriy Mazepin is Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, along with URALCHEM, implemented the policy of maximizing social distancing within the company. All the employees are strongly advised to stay at home and do their work duties remotely, avoid using public transport and follow the restrictions and policies adopted by the government. Both URALCHEM and Uralkali have been taking preventative measures not to allow the virus spread any further putting the people and the economies at risk.