Use These Handy Online Tools to Improve Internal Office Communication

No matter how well each of your office’s team members works in isolation – the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Encouraging strong internal communication can help foster a more social atmosphere, get people more excited about new projects, increase interdepartmental communication, and simply ensure that no mix-ups occur when a task needs to go through several people.

Luckily enough, there are whole bunch of online tools you can use to give internal communication a boost.

Group Messaging

Things quickly become disorganised when people are communicating through email, especially when more than two people are part of the conversation. Instead of relying on email, use group chat service. You can set up dedicated group chat spaces that operate just like Facebook or Skype, except they’ll only be used by your team. Subgroups can be created for certain departments and projects, and users will be able to share files as well as thoughts. Slack is a great example.

Project Management

It can be tough to keep tabs on exactly who is doing what and where a project is in your pipeline. Using a project management tool can help. You’ll be able to create groups, share calendars, and distribute work. Each employee will be able to track what they need to do, reducing the need for back-and-forth emails and practically eliminating the risk of miscommunication. Try Wimi or Basecamp.

Video Chat

If some of your team are going to be working remotely, or if you simply want to conduct a quick conference without having to draw everyone together, it helps to have a business-focused video chat platform to use. is an excellent example – it lets up to eight people come on at once.


There are plenty of collaboration tools out there, so you can have different team members working on the same project simultaneously. Changes will be made in real-time, so two or more people can collaborate effectively even if they’re on opposite sides of the same room, or, for that matter, if they’re on opposite sides of the globe. Red Pen is great if you’re searching for such a tool.

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