Improving Your Work Focus during the Winter Months

As days grow grim, short, cold, and full of winter blues, most of us can fall easy prey to focus dips and mood swings, both of which can wreck work performance in a flash. But while there’s no remedying the season, there are quite a few things you can do to hack peak concentration in the wake of winter holidays. If you want to end 2016 by bringing raise, promotion, or Employee of the month medals home, here are some tricks you can try to trick your mind and keep your eyes on the professional prize regardless of the weather.

Sweat Stress Out of Your System

As the end of another fiscal year draws nearer, workplace stress can easily get out of hand and spill over to spare time. To prevent job-related problems chipping chinks off your focus, take up a sport or sign up for the gym and start sweating stress out of your system on a regular basis. Not only will physical activity improve your concentration, but it will also prevent moody spells, improve your sleep quality, and keep depression and anxiety out of sight.

Take a Hike in the Name of Focus

As temperature outside starts to dip, most people go seeking refuge in the lap of their snug nests. Still, the fact that the thermometer is slowly freezing doesn’t mean that your body and mind can go without fresh air and sunshine until springtime. Studies show that spending time in the sun and fresh air every day can boost mood, creativity, and work focus and cleanse the mind of negativity, brain fog, and everyday worries.

Peak Concentration on the Menu

Although we may not exactly be what we eat, experts say that our menu does have a significant impact on our concentration and cognitive performance. According to nutrition authorities, cold days are a perfect time to stock your plate with focus-friendly foods, such as fish, blueberries, chocolate, nuts, avocados, and whole grains. To stay on the safe and focused side of the dining table, you can also reinforce your brain-boosting menu with multivitamin and mineral complex supplements and concentration enhancers such as the Limitless pill and caffeine tabs.

Focus – Inhaled, Exhaled, Unleashed

You’re probably noticed that your breath turns shallow and erratic when stress hits the fan, but what you may not know that irregular breathing and concentration dips are a vicious cycle that’s a dozen times tougher to break out of than fall into. To unleash peak focus in the face of winter blues, start paying attention to your breath and try Ujjayi, pranayama, and other yogic breathing techniques to nip midday slumps in the bud.

Goal-Setters are Focused Go-Getters

When the going gets tougher than usual, the tough grab a pen and paper and note down a few goals, just to keep their mind on the right and focused track. Even if you’re not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions, defining the goals and priorities for the week, month, or year ahead can do wonders for your concentration and work performance. Keeping mental track of all should-dos and have-tos is a shortcut to focus dips and brain clutter, so arm yourself with daily To Do lists if you want to nudge productivity onto the speedy lane with minimal mental energy leaks attached.

Focus in the Pink, Sans Blue Blotches

Concentration drops caused by cabin fever and winter blues can be tough to shake, especially if you’re trying to stay on top of a hefty workload 24/7 and get to spend little or no time with your loved ones. To beat lonesomeness, inertia, and focus dives, don’t lose your social life to your job, chores, and hibernation, as healthy work-life balance is the oldest trick in the productivity hacker’s manual. Temperature may hit nil before long, but your social life shouldn’t follow suit if you’re looking to stay in peak mental shape during dismal winter days.

Winter is coming, but the fact that days are already growing dull, chilly, and full of hankering for summer sun doesn’t mean you have to wave Goodbye to peak concentration, productivity, and positive thoughts. Staying focused and effective in the face of winter is both feasible and easy: you just need to follow the tips above, and your mind will stay razor-sharp and ready to pound to dust and snowflakes all the curveballs and challenges fate may throw your way.

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