A Lesson in Landing Repeat Business from a Micro-Worker

A certain Max Keiser of the RT show “The Keiser Report” likes to refer to it as the gig-economy, although he takes a bit of a negative view of the practice of what are in effect some freelancers from all over the world earning their money through freelancing contracts called “gigs” which they land on platforms such as Fiverr. He’s perhaps justified in taking a bit of a negative view on the whole practice and the whole industry, quite simply because there is not much large-scale growth and progress to be realised. Only a few of these so-called “gigsters” realise some growth in their careers, while the vast majority of them barely make enough money to live from hand-to-mouth – albeit most of them boast about being location-independent.
Anyway, for a design project I wanted to have completed I made use of the services of one of these freelancers or gigsters from Fiverr, a process which had me learning a great lesson in landing repeat business. Of course in this specific case it’s a practical lesson to be learned for the typical micro-worker as gigsters are sometimes referred to as well, but I believe this lesson can be applied beyond the world of the gig-economy. Maintaining professionalism These days even on platforms such as Fiverr professionalism is somewhat of a standard practice as far as the presentation of the gigs goes. Nevertheless, professionalism should be maintained throughout, even in the smallest of things like the video montage intro of what you have to offer. Many would-be one-time clients turn into repeat customers purely on account of having experienced a more professional service, so do yourself a favour and professionalise as much of your operation as is possible. Simplifying the business engagement process When dealing with clients, or rather when clients are dealing with a service provider, they don’t want to ever feel like they’re the ones doing the work, even if this “work” forms part of the engagement process. So make it as simple as possible for the customer to be able to convey exactly what it is they want from you. They shouldn’t be made to feel like they have to write a long essay or something like that. Getting the job done This goes without saying, but is worth mentioning as a result of just how often it’s overlooked as a basic requirement of maintaining good relations with a customer, let-alone turning them into a repeat buyer. Get the core job done well and leave no room for any negative feelings on the end of the client. Adding more strategic value What does the best photo book maker have to do with a gigster who offers writing services over a platform such as Fiverr? Well, the ability to use such seemingly non-existent connections to your advantage is exactly what it takes to land long-term, repeat clients. What this writer did was collaborate with many other gigsters who offered different services to create a catalogue that exists in the form of a photo book, to be sent out to each client each of them lands long after the job has been completed, making for some marketing material which doubles-up as some extra value the customer will feel they received out of merely ordering and taking delivery of one completed job.