How tech can facilitate easier communication between your employees

You might think that your employees have good communication, but this can start to slip if the right methods aren’t in place. Communication is an essential tool to your organisation and can be a key factor in whether your business succeeds.

However, good communication is about more than face-to-face interaction, which is why you should look to implement the right technology within your business. Here are some of the ways technology can assist and simplify workplace interactions.

Using email for the right purpose

Email is an undoubtedly invaluable communication tool for business that enables company-wide communications, no matter where your staff are based. It’s a great way to send documents fast and keep a record of conversations.

However, too many emails can kill employee productivity and it’s easy to get lost in a conversation thread. Sometimes, email can slow down communication if employees misunderstand messages or even forget to check their inbox. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use email for its features that still genuinely aid communication, such as automatic responses.

Make video conferencing an option

Installing equipment such as webcams and external microphones can help you to make video conferencing a reality. When staff are based at multiple sites, working from home or simply out of office, video conferencing allows communication to continue.

Through visual and audio communication, employees can make sure they give and receive information correctly. According to Forbes, video conferencing is much more engaging than audio conferencing. Video conferencing makes it easier for staff to build relationships, which helps to ensure that even when they do come face-to-face, they won’t feel like strangers.

Make the transition to cloud computing

The option for staff to work flexibly is becoming more widespread across today’s businesses, with reporting that half of the UK’s workforce will be working remotely by 2020. However, communication can be halted or hampered if the right technology isn’t in place to help flexible-working employees to stay connected.

Thankfully, moving to the cloud can greatly lessen these concerns. Employees can easily send and retrieve information using the cloud from wherever they might be based. This means communication can be ongoing between employees, despite any lack of physical presence.

Streamline communications with VoIP technology

Without a suitable phone system in place, it can be easy for employees to miscommunicate and become frustrated. However, VoIP hosted phone systems, as offered by reputable providers like Planet Numbers, can assist you in avoiding all of this by integrating all of your business communications.

A VoIP hosted phone system allows workers to access and manage communication from anywhere with an Internet connection. Employees can benefit from VoIP’s features, such as easily joining conference calls or using extension dialling to reach the right member of staff.

The rise of the smartphone

Introducing mobiles for business use among your employees can really help to facilitate smoother communication. Employees can access their emails from their smartphones, as well as call and send texts if necessary.

Smartphones also mean greater connectivity for employees who work flexibly. A good VoIP provider will allow your employees’ mobiles to be integrated with its system, which gives staff incentives to make calls from their smartphones. Calls are cheaper through the VoIP system, so your employees won’t have to sacrifice their minutes.